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AHDF policy



AHDF sees itself primarily as an interdisciplinary platform which enables the exchange of ideas on the topics of "Architectural Heritage" and "Development" as well as the organization of workshops and projects. The meeting of the academic intellectual level with practitioners and 'users' is an important goal.



integrative versus exclusive

The 'users' of the particular architectural space play a central role and will as often as possible be involved in the projects. In this concern AHDF defines itself as a platform of encounter and integration.


non-political and non-religious

AHDF basically acts independently of political parties and religious organizations. A project-based cooperation is not excluded but requires a shared commitment and a common philosophy for each individual project.




AHDF operates not-profit oriented.




AHDF strives for international exchange and cultural openness. The organization has its headquarters in Vienna but the initiatives themselves are not limited to Vienna, Austria or Europe.